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In this section, we'll go through all the little parts of Drift, and how they all work together. This section is for anyone who's looking to get a deeper understanding or training on how the product works. You'll find the same material here that we use internally to train our own teams. We'll be adding new items shortly so check back often!

Product Training Guides

  • Product Training Guide Introduction
    Our Product Training Guide will serve as a roadmap for you to accompany all the s...
  • Drift Settings
    This is where you'll modify all the settings for your App, Organization, and for ...
  • Live Chat
    Live chat is the area in Drift where users can see conversations that have starte...
  • Email and Meetings
    Drift integrates with your calendar, with support for Google and Office 365. The ...
  • CRM
    Drift uses Contacts, Accounts, and Segments to help you keep track of who you're ...
  • Chat Playbooks
    Playbooks are central to Drift and what we do! They are automated message workflo...
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Getting Started with Drift

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Navigating Drift

Settings and User Roles


Having a Conversation

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Bot Skills, The Flow Builder and the Drift Widget

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The Extras


Drift Video

The Drift Mobile And Desktop App

  • Drift Desktop App
    Where can I download the Desktop App? You'll find our Desktop App over on our Fea...
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